Speak With Your Craft

Speak With Your Craft is my chance to interview the many makers, crafters, cooks, bakers, food growers, woodworkers, herbalists, photographers, writers, actors, musicians, painters, fiber artists, and creative forces in my life. For some, creativity is their career, but for most, it’s a joy-filled hobby. Selfishly, it’s really just a chance for me to write more, chat with my talented friends, pick their brains about the process of their craft, and give them a little publicity in the process. 

meet the makers!

Click on the photos below to learn more about some truly talented and creative forces:

Nicole Totino-Clark, fiber artist, ColeMama Creations

Glenn Roth, finger-style guitarist, musician, GlennRoth.com

Kaitlin Clark, artist, holistic healing & nutrition, Integrative Healing Arts

Bailey Raha, quilter, natural dye-maker, BaileyRaha.com

Kristen Graves, singer-songwriter, musician, KristenGraves.com

Jill Verzino, drawing, painting, jewelry making, woodworking, jillverzino.com

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