Native foods & foodways: Insight from Winona LaDuke

Food has a culture. It has history. It has stories, it has relations, that tie us to our food.
— Winona LaDuke

I came across this 2012 TEDxTalk from Winona LaDuke, environmentalist, native rights advocate and food sovereignty/justice activist...and author of my favorite book. She's an inspiring, insightful individual and a badass. What I've learned from LaDuke and in my research on Teton/Lakota foodways is that traditional foods concerns all of us. It's about preserving, conserving and upholding genetic and biological diversity. It's about reclaiming our food system through or in conjunction with learning to respect traditional food culture and wisdom and making us more intuitive, respectful eaters and citizens of the earth. It's about taking pride in yourself, your work and your unique culture through food. Watch and listen to her talk below, and be sure to check out the White Earth Land Recovery Project and Native Harvest to learn more.