Recipe: Herbed whole-roasted potatoes

If you've made it this long with your own potatoes or know a farmer who can still provide you with his or her dwindling tubers from cold storage, congratulations! But, it's a little exhausting thinking of what to do with them. Just when I thought I couldn't look at another potato again, I came across this insanely delicious and easy recipe by Ina Garten. If you have some dried herbs - not just rosemary - you can use any combination of those, or try adding in some fresh ones during the last minutes of cooking.

The best part: They taste like curly fries - and they're good for you! Here's my take on Ina's recipe:

Herbed Whole-Roasted Potatoes
- 2-3 lbs. of washed, small to medium-sized potatoes (small all-blues, cranberries and fingerlings are unreal)
- healthy drizzle of olive oil (no need to use 1/3 of a cup, as suggested in Garten's recipe)
- pinch or two of sea salt
- healthy sprinkle/grind of black pepper
- 2 Tbls. of your favorite dried, ground/crumbled herbs - sage, thyme, oregano, rosemary

Herbed whole-roasted potatoes
  1. Preheat your oven to 425°F. 
  2. Without cutting all the way through the potato, cut slits into the potatoes lengthwise. **Watch your fingers - if you want, cut the bottoms off so the potato sits flat on your work surface. (It's not the end of the world if you cut through a potato  - just throw it onto the baking sheet.)
  3. In a separate bowl, toss together the potatoes, olive oil, salt, pepper and your herbs. Combine until the potatoes are well-coated. Arrange the potatoes cut-side up or out - just so the slits are not face down on the baking sheet.
  4. Bake for 30 minutes until the potatoes are crispy.
These are wonderful as a side dish, appetizer or snack. Try them!