SWYF Find: The Edinburgh Farmers' Market

Just below the grandiose Edinburgh Castle exists the lively Edinburgh Farmers' Market. Even on a rainy Saturday morning, loyal market customers came out in droves to support their local farmers and producers, all located in or just outside Edinburgh. Nearly 60 vendors, including small organic vegetable and meat farmers, cheesemakers, soapmakers, specialty tea and coffee kiosks, talented knitters and craftsmen, non-profits and bakers, line the sidewalks of Castle Terrace.

The market offers regional delicacies - including venison, wild boar and haggis for the meat-eaters - as well as ewe and goat cheeses, breads made from natural yeasts, wheat, spelt and other grains grown within the British isles.

Some of the vendors you should visit:

  • The Chocolate Tree: hand-crafted chocolate truffles, bars and other treats. Uses fair-trade and organic ingredients. Excellent flavor combinations. Business right in Edinburgh!
  • East Coast Organics: incredible looking produce - the bright green, purple, red and off-white veggies provide a much-needed color boost against the dreary November weather.
  • Caurnie Soaps: a range of handcrafted, herbal and vegan body-care, available to the Scottish community since 1922. Unique scents, including a range of nettle-based soaps said to be good for dry skin sufferers - it smells excellent too.
  • Stoats Porridge Bars: the most decadent granola bars you've ever had. Very few ingredients in each bar, but filling and good for breakfast or snack for hikes.
  • Kate Sharp Knitwear: Some of the most beautiful sweaters and hand-spun wool I've seen from my trip. Wool from the artisan's own flock of sheep.

Many of these artisans have online stores, but for the sake of the environment and staying truly local, try to experience the market if you visit Edinburgh and support its local economy.

**Edinburgh Farmers' Market: Castle Terrace, Edinburgh; year-round, Saturdays (9-2). Visit the market's Web site for more information, recipes and news from vendors.