SWYF Week in Food: Tainted Eggs; The Secret World of Trader Joe's; Food Safety Bill woes; Local food haters

Here are just some food stories that have inundated my e-mail box over the past few weeks that are definitely worth your perusal...

Fredrik Broden/Fortune
- Inside the magical world of Trader Joe's...

- Local food via prescription

- The latest food safety causality: Eggs. A half-billion have been recalled. A half-billion. And the recall stinks for other reasons besides rotten eggs: Out of Control Egg Producer Flouts RegulationsTainted Eggs Renew Calls for Food Safety OverhaulEgg Recall Grows Amid Calls for Food Safety Reform; The Egg Recall Saga Continues

- Jamie Oliver's "Food Revolution" won an Emmy! Congrats - let's hope campaign continues.

- Food Safety Bill Update Omits BPA Ban, Relief for Small Farmers

- NYT Op-Ed Contributor - a.k.a. local food hater - causes quite the stir: Why an Anti-Locavore Rant is the New York Times Is Just Plain Wrong; The Myth of the Rabid Locavore. Oh, and some other crazies. And, a little hope (and work) for the future of the food movement.

- Global: For Lagaan fans, Bollywood star Aamir Khan raises awareness on the suicides of thousands of Indian farmersIndia's Half-Century of Starvation; the best and worst global food security scenarios

Happy food reading!