50 days later and the oil nightmare continues

April 20, 2010 marked, perhaps, the greatest environmental disaster that we've seen to date. While the spill is on its way to being capped - after many unsuccessful attempts - the effects of it will be felt for years. Wildlife and ecosystems are being destroyed; local businesses, homes and communities are left to rebuild, if they can (I'm not a huge fan of NBC news programs, but this is a good segment on the scope of the spill):

As dire as the situation remains, we need to recognize this situation for not strictly an environmental devastation. BP got us into this mess because we asked them to - we buy oil, don't we? Even if you don't drive, work on an oil rig or are a CEO for an oil company, we all, in one way, shape or form consume things and buy stuff that use oil in the production stage. We need to seek energy independence - be it riding your bike, walking or switching your home or office energy to 100% renewable, consuming less, buying local food grown without oil-intensive measures (machinery, fertilizers, etc). Just do something to clean up the coast and create a powerful and meaningful shift for future generations.