A visit to the Candle Cafe

This past weekend, I made a trip into the city for a green expo and later ate lunch at Candle Cafe. I've been wanting to go here for years after receiving the restaurant's cookbook as a gift and was pleasantly surprised.

A grilled tempeh and sweet potato sandwich with a spring salad may not appeal to everyone. I know - vegetarians and vegetarian food get a bad rap, and, I'll admit I've often been underwhelmed by supposed famous veg establishments. This was, however, the best meat-free sandwich I've ever had.

The menu also features an impressive "farmers' market" section, using seasonal and local ingredients.

My one negative: There was a wait. But, it's my own fault for going during Sunday brunch in NY, especially to a place that sits perhaps no more than 50 at a time. I'm glad I waited though. And, I'll have to stay for dessert next time (On a side note, I'm looking for a recipe for the perfect vegan brownie - not cake-like, but moist and dense. Need suggestions!)

There's nothing better than good food, beautiful spring weather and the company of good friends.