What you should be watching: "Food Forward"

I finally got a chance to watch a few episodes of PBS's Food Forward series, and, well, it's totally worth checking out. My favorites so far? "Food (Justice) For All" and "Quest for Water" (find the full episodes here).

As of late, there seem to be a number of issues that cripple us from moving forward. But, food can be the gateway to taking back our lives and helping people realize their full potential. Food is also a vehicle to recognize our place in nature. This isn't a hippy dippy realization, but, rather, in the case of food and water, we cannot have one without the other or neglect the connection.

As daunting as the task is to, oh, you know, reshape our food system, I'm so inspired to watch all these amazing individuals participate in and lead a fair food revolution. This series is hopeful and enlightening - two elements very much needed for change to occur.

You can watch season one of Food Forward here.

Celebrate Spring with "Seeds" | The Lexicon of Sustainability | PBS Food

Happy Spring! Let's usher in the season of regeneration, renewal and rebirth with a brief lesson on seeds and diversity from The Lexicon of Sustainability:

In the past century, nearly 75% of our agricultural crop diversity is gone; most farmers grow an average of 12 crops - yikes! So, let's celebrate diversity, uphold the public resource and right that is food, and get growing to get variety back into our diets and agroecosystem culture!