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Best. Thing. Ever.: The Alton Browncast « Nerdist

Nerd confession: I love podcasts. I've got a discriminating ear, but I'm happy to say that I came across The Alton Browncast, just subscribed to it and already enjoying it. Episode 1: A little discusson on GMOs, sustainable seafood and the Smithfield acquisition in the first minutes. Alton and good food talk: swoon! Way to go, Nerdist!

Musings from the field 2013

Over the course of this farm season, I'll be blogging for Hunts Brook Farm, sharing my experiences, trying my hand as a farmer-philosopher and, more importantly, providing tasty recipes and tips. If you're at all interested in what I'm doing or looking for a meaningful, light-hearted distraction, check out the latest: On Community and Cucumbers.

Other recent posts: * The Great Garlic Harvest * Planning ahead * Beating the heat * Finding peace with pests * Let the season and greens begin * Of Spring, Sugar Snaps and the Season Ahead

Cucumber season is officially in full swing!

Cucumber season is officially in full swing!