Bela Fleck

Tuesday Tune for Earth Day!: "Big Country" - Bela Fleck & Edgar Meyer

All of us—indigenous and nonindigenous—share the same watershed, live in the same cities, are subject to the same decisionmaking processes by our resource management agencies. We need each other. We need to be able to work together. To work together means that we want equal input into whatever environmental discussions affect us.
— Dennis Martinez*

In honor of Earth Day and my move out West, let's remember that it's a big world out there and we need to share and act with beneficence toward nature and other individuals. 

*Martinez, Dennis. “American Indian cultural models for sustaining biodiversity.” United States Forest Service. Accessed April 20, 2014.

Tuesday Tune: "Throw Down Your Heart" - Bela Fleck

If you're looking for a good movie to watch and want to listen to some excellent music, check out "Throw Down Your Heart." The documentary follows banjo-player extraordinaire Bela Fleck as he travels around Africa in search his instrument's roots and as he records an album with African artists. (Bonus: The movie's available on Hulu right now!)  Enjoy the title track: