Must listen: The Sioux Chef / Almonds = Water

Sometimes the stars in the food podcast world align, and you end up listening to one show that covers two of your interests: native foodways and water. (I proudly stand by the nerdy-ness of that statement.) This happened to be the case with the March 27, 2015 episode of The Splendid Table. (I highly recommend subscribing to this podcast!)

The Sioux Chef: Upholding traditional and native foodways contribute to the survival of the culture. In many ways, food is the survival of a culture. Lakota Chef Sean Sherman grew up on the Pine Ridge Reservation in South Dakota and has been working in the restaurant industry since he was 13. He now owns a business, The Sioux Chef, in Minnesota that specializes in Ojibwe and Dakota food. Sherman is an inspiring individual, who roots his cooking in a deep knowledge of history and uses his talents and platform to bring pride to these culinary traditions in a modern, hopeful way. 

Almonds = Water: Food and ag journalist (and my hero) Tom Philpott discussed the drought in California, particularly how it affects almond production. For all you almond lovers out there, it's a must listen. It helps you to understand the hedge funds interests behind the industry, realize the simple fact that water is not that plentiful to keep up with demand, and discover why the whole "eating local" thing is not just some trend. (I'd also read Philpott's article, "California Goes Nuts" for a more comprehensive investigation.)

Below is the link for the entire episode, but click on the links underneath the audio to go directly to the selected segments: