A request...and a Sunday Song: "Lay My Burden Down" - Aoife O'Donovan

I've been very bad about posting a Tuesday Tune. Life, man. But, no more excuses in the new year. That said, I couldn't wait to post this song because I love Aoife O'Donovan! I'll resume with a Tuesday Tune this week, but, for now, hunker down for a few moments and listen.

If you're new to my site or need a refresher, well, first, welcome! The Tuesday Tune is my ode good music. Music and food have been two inseparable elements. They are a common, constant thread in the food and farming community and are woven into my favorite moments. I wasn't blessed with musical talent, but I think I have a pretty good ear. So, in my attempt to further merge these interconnected elements and share some good music, the Tuesday Tune was born. And, now, the request: In 2015, I'd love to hear your music suggestions! E-mail me at speakwithyourfood [at] gmail [dot] com with your favorite songs and artists.