Sights from South Dakota

Great is the Earth, and the way it became what it is;
Do you imagine it has stopt at this? the increase abandon’d?
Understand then that it goes as far onward from this, as this is from the times when it lay in covering waters and gases, before man had appear’d.
— Walt Whitman

(1) Tipis at sunset (2) Sunset in La Plant (3) Waving prairie grass (4) A view from waking up inside the tipi! (5) Wild rose (6) Peppers growing in the high tunnel in La Plant (7) Big sky, big fields, big hills (8) Storms and horses (9) Seedlings! (10) a Blanket Flower blooms by the Missouri River (11) compost at work (12) Prairie grasses at sunset (13) The sun, the clouds (14) Puppies on the Rez! (15) An abandoned farmhouse

(All photos by A.Gross, June-July 2014)