Post-market meal: A hearty thanks to my fellow growers!

If more of us valued food and cheer and song above hoarded gold, it would be a merrier world.
— J.R.R. Tolkien

Market days are long. I usually start my day at 6, load up crates of freshly washed vegetables at 7 and head down to the market, which lasts until 2. My day ends around 4, and you'd think I'd be 1.) too tired to cook, or 2.) sick of food. Quite the contrary. Farmers' markets are sort of the best: the atmosphere, the pride in presenting our vegetables to customers, seeing other farmers, etc. Oh, it also doesn't hurt that it's an amazing food day. I often arrive home with a bounty of goods and instant inspiration for mealtime. It's an honor to cook with such incredible ingredients from terrific local growers. Thanks to my farming friends, here's my post-market local food meal:

(March 2014; A.Gross)

(March 2014; A.Gross)

Chipotle and cumin roasted sweet potatoes (Fort Hill Farm) and organic onions, organic black beans (from Vermont), baby Red Russian kale (Riverbank Farm) and a smidge of winter chevre (Beltane Farm) over a toasted, sprouted corn tortilla topped with scallions. Yum.

(FYI: All of these local food producers can be found at the Westport Farmers' Market; next weekend [March 15] is the last market of the winter season. You should go. Plus, I'll be there!)

Blessings on the food, and much gratitude for my/our farmer friends! 

Note: I'm thinking about making the "post-market meal" a regular feature here on SWYF. So, fellow farmers and eaters, what are some of your latest creations using food from your local farmers' market?