Documentary watch: "GOSHEN" - Seed. Sustenance. Survival.

Check out this very cool trailer for the documentary "GOSHEN" about the indigenous Tarahumara tripe in the remote regions of the Copper Canyons in Mexico.

The people of the tribe are renowned for their long-distance running endurance and their incredibly healthful diets. From the project fundraising site:

The film follows an unbelievable journey into seed banks, the endurance of runners, and the lives of the Tarahumara, who strive to conserve their sacred seed ancestry and preserve their traditional culture. Entertaining and engaging, GOSHEN will inspire YOU to be part of an ancient yet innovative movement dedicated to safeguarding our world’s health and future.

Wow, a culture rooted in an active lifestyle, nourishing diet and well-being for the planet?? What a novel concept!

I donated to this project - will you? Do it, and help these filmmakers tell this story.