Must read: "Agriculture Needs More Women" - Sonia Faruqi - The Atlantic

A thoughtful, insightful and well-researched article on and primary account of gender in farming, and, more specifically, the present and future roles of women in a sustainable, humane and fair food system.

From the article:

Some say that gender in agriculture is dictated by the physical nature of the work, as it is in industries like construction and transportation. Though this was once true, it is no longer so. ‘The one and only good thing that’s come out of industrial agriculture is that farms today can have more women than before,’ a cage-free egg producer in the U.S. told me. ‘Farming’s not like it used to be where you needed a strong back and a weak mind,’ a farmer is quoted as saying in The Progressive Farmer. ‘Now it’s better to have a strong mind and weak back.’
— Sonia Faruqi

Farmers and friends, what are your thoughts? How do gender roles factor into the workings of your farm?