The week in video: Two food films comment on "unsustainable"

Although I'm whole-heartedly against agricultural practices that are ecologically destructive, I hesitate to post all content that I come across that attacks certain elements of the agribusiness model. In particular: livestock. No, not because groups are wrong in what they're posting, but they seem to rely on scare tactics to get their points across and typically view alternatives or solutions as black and white. ("We all must be vegans!")

If sustainability does exist, it's quite a melting pot with many, many grey areas. (Sorry for that analogy - I thought about it and pictured a pot of soup and moldy, grey splotches. Gross. But, hopefully you understand my point.) The moral: We can do much, much better than how food is currently being produced. (Yes, probably one of the most generic statements I've ever written, sorry!) But, I did want to pass along these two works, which I thought were well done. The first, as you'll see, is a bit more obvious, while the second is an ad by Chipotle, but thoughtful nonetheless.