Tuesday Tune: "Rye Whiskey" - Punch Brothers

Good food and good music are two things that make me feel happy, balanced and focused. (Fun personal fact: I can't write unless I'm listening to music; it oddly makes me think more clearly.) Music and food are often at the center of my strongest sense memories. These two elements also seem to be a common, constant thread in the food and farming community and are woven into my favorite moments so far as a farmworker. I wasn't blessed with musical talent, but I think I have a pretty good ear. So, in my attempt to further merge these interconnected elements and share some good music, I'm pleased to introduce a new feature to SWYF - Tuesday Tune.

This week: "Rye Whiskey" - Punch Brothers, Antifogmatic

I can't promise that all future tunes will be food or farmy-related (or, as my younger brother likes to say, "corn-shuckin' music"), but, I hope they'll make you take a few minutes out of your day to listen and relax.