Frost is here

Us New Englanders were pretty spoiled with the recent fall weather...up until a few nights ago when the frost arrived. And, it looks like it's sticking around. At the farm, there's a stillness that the frost brings, sort of like a punctuation mark at the end of a very busy season. This morning, while we were waiting for things to warm up, I had the task of walking the old farm dog, Max, around the property. Buddled up, tea in hand and Max in tow, I took in the frost.

(1) The quarry ponds awake. (2) Even the insidious mugwort can be admired in the frost. (3) Frosted boots. (4) Bedazzled grass. (5) Max, the resident farm dog, enjoys the morning jaunt. (6) Goldenrod. (7) Clover. (Hunts Brook Farm, October 25, 2013 - A.Gross)

If you can brave getting out of your cozy bed in the morning, I encourage you to wake up a bit earlier and experience this time of day. You'll feel surprisingly refreshed!