Two Tuesday Tunes by Mike & Ruthy

I'm still on a musical high from seeing Elephant Revival live. I can't really find fault with anything the band does. It was an incredible show and the best live performance by a group that I've ever seen. I was so impressed and overwhelmed by the talent and energy of the group. And, how cool is it that they play and electrify a washboard and saw?

One more reason why I love Elephant Revival? They introduced me to Mike & Ruthy, a duo and real-life couple (with two kids who go on tour with them!) from upstate New York, who was the opening act for the evening. I couldn't decide which song of theirs I wanted to post this week, so I shared two! Both are off their new EP, and the first was my favorite of the night. Who else writes a song about a child's temper tantrum from the perspective of an overtired kid? If you're a parent, babysitter or, well, a citizen of life who has witnessed the melodrama that is being a little kid, you'll enjoy it. The second song is a testament to their talent and respect in the folk community: Nora Guthrie asked Mike and Ruthy to record her dad's song "My New York City" to music. Her dad? Oh, just Woody Guthrie.