The Perennial Plate: Female seed savers reclaiming the food system

I'm currently working on a project that investigates seed saving networks and their role in promoting local food security and resiliency. (I know how amazingly boring that may sound...I'm working on a catchier pitch - suggestions welcome!) It largely began because I save some seeds, but I didn't know - and still don't know - fellow seed savers in my bioregion. In my early research, I'm surprised and delighted to read about seed saving in mainstream news publications on a more regular basis. I came across this beautiful, inspiring video from The Perennial Plate about female seed savers and farmers in India:

As Vandana Shiva (founder of Navdanya) states, "Most farmers are women. All seed savers are women...When women do farming, they do it for life. When women do farming, they do it for their children. They do it for nutrition. They do it for taste." This is why seed saving is so important: Seed saving preserves food, culture, history and empowers individuals. For these individuals in India, seed saving is a central, integral part of their livelihood and existence. My hope is that the more people, especially Americans and individuals in "developed" countries, who recognize the source of seeds and their corporate owners, the more they will acknowledge that seed saving is far more than a quaint hobby by backyard gardeners. Even with the prominence of GMOs, I don't think we're at a point yet in this country where seed saving is on-par with healthful, sustainably grown food dialogue. I hope we'll get there soon.

If you don't know about or follow The Perennial Plate, it's time to get on the wagon! Daniel Klein and Mirra Fine are talented storytellers who tirelessly shed light on all elements of our food system every week.