SWYF Finds: The Mysterious Pawpaw

You know when you hear about something for the first time and, suddenly, see or read about it everywhere? Well, for me, it's the pawpaw, a mysterious - and, I guess, delicious - wild fruit.

I just tried one this week (Wednesday) for the first time at my friends' farm, and my opinion about it isn't fully formed yet. It's intriguing, and I can't really describe the flavor to you except that it's oddly tropical. The texture of a ripe pawpaw is custard-like, and you have to spoon around the big, black seeds. In the midst of apple and pear season, it's a nice flavor change-up.

Enough of my banter; see if you can find them near you. I challenge you to form a coherent, decisive description about them yourself (it's not easy). But, before you forage, take a look at this just-released story on the pawpaw by NPR on the Tiny Desk Kitchen series.