I want to go to there: in.gredients

I embarked on a plastic-free experiment a few months ago and imagined a place where you could buy good, sustainable food without packaging. Sure, you can certainly buy produce, eggs, dairy and the like at farmers' markets, and co-ops, small health and specialty food stores have their bulk sections and you can always bring your own containers, but even they can generate a lot of waste.

But, my dream has come true, or will, very soon (Fall 2011) in the form of in.gredients of Austin, TX:

What is in.gredients? Here's the story:

We're Brothers Lane - i.e. Christian, Joseph, and Patrick Lane, three brothers who have a knack for innovation + business sense and a passion for promoting sustainable living - plus Chris and Brian, who don’t have Lane blood but share the same passions.
For years we've been finding ways to live more sustainably. After realizing that waste is actually just a human invention, we’ve each started home gardens; we compost, recycle, and more importantly re-use as much as possible, weeding out unnecessary waste. We’ve been able to reduce over half the waste our households generate, with only one major hurdle: groceries.
While we reuse food containers / packaging all the time, we still have to buy more food packaging at the store because it’s unavoidable. While we can use reusable bags for produce and carrying things, we can’t (legally or in a way that’s socially acceptable) get cereal out of cereal boxes or household cleaners out of bottles to take home. Because of this, a majority of the waste and recycling streaming through our homes is unnecessary, since we could have brought our own containers to the store to fill them. Of the 1.4 billion pounds of waste landfilled per day in the US, 560 million pounds is packaging - most of which is used just once, before another package is bought.
These alarming statistics upset us enough to set out to change things ourselves. Our project revolutionizes grocery shopping as we know it. Our goal is to reduce waste by ditching packaging altogether - creating the nation’s first zero-waste, package-free grocery store! The community-oriented store (named “in.gredients”) will (a) sell local, organic groceries, (b) host community events like cooking lessons, concerts, and garden days, (c) feature local artwork, and (d) promote sustainability. Most importantly, we’ll allow customers to fill reusable containers (even ones brought from home!) with their groceries, making waste reduction easy, fun, and convenient! Think of it as Groceries 2.0. (Emphasis added.)
via in.gredients
How awesome! I'm half-joking when I say that I'd move to Austin just to shop here and be a part of this...

If you want to see this project succeed, check out the in.gredients site here, its ethos and how you can help donate to or invest in the initiative.