Take Action: "Eaters Must Become More Political -- We Can't Just Vote With Our Forks"

Read Wenonah Hauter's - executive director of Food & Water Watch - article on AlterNet on how we need to demand more if we want real change in our food system.

We are mad as hell, and we should do something about it. A first step? Good food starts with a fair farm bill! Take action and sign this petition on the Food & Water Watch site:
Petition to Congress 
Our current food system is broken, and it didn’t happen by accident. It’s time for a new Farm Bill that creates a healthy food system. Please support these actions in the next Farm Bill: 
-Level the playing field for farmers 
-Make markets fair for farmers and consumers 
-Ensure food security by restoring the grain reserve 
-Make healthy food accessible for all people 
-Rebuild local infrastructure for regional food systems 
-Make smart government food purchases 
-Support new sustainable farming programs 
-Promote environmental stewardship 
-Require full safety reviews and labeling of GE foods 
-Stop subsidizing factory farms and dangerous technologies 

Do it. Now. Please! (And tell your friends - we need signatures, and lots of them!)