What I already love about England

I've only been in the Manchester area for a few days now, and there are already many things I like about it...

  1. Afternoon tea. It's real!
  2. There's a tax on plastic bags. As there should be.
  3. Food labels are super detailed, but user friendly. Not only do all food items contain a country of origin (where they're grown) label [which, again, the U.S. should be required to enact nationally], but almost all the stickers and packages I've seen clearly list if they're suitable for distinct diets and a recycling symbol, which, in some cases, seems to suggests remorse if the package cannot yet be recycled. (Litter is also heavily taxed, so the less, the better.)
  4. The 'right of way' policy. If you love hiking or just taking long walks, England - and I think Wales - is an awesome place to do so. Traversing both public and private property are hundreds, maybe even thousands of, acres of foot or bridle paths in which people can walk, free from penalty of trespassing, for recreational purposes or to get to their nearest location. You get a really excellent view and experience of the countryside, and get your exercise for the day as well. Since the towns are so close together, it's a cheap (free) and enjoyable form of travel. 

Pictures to follow and more posts to come.