The new craze: Husk cherries

Well, they're my new craze. Husk or ground cherries are so unbelievably good. We grew them for the first time this year at the farm, and it's a flavor I don't really know how to describe - maybe a nutty pineapple?

Related to tomatillos, husk cherries grow in lantern-like skins and fall to the ground when they are ripe. Simply pop the fruit out of the husk to reveal a small, yellow fruit that looks similar to a cherry or sungold cherry tomato.

Much like tomatoes, tomatillos and similar nightshades, husk or ground cherries will only be available for these last remaining weeks of summer. They're more expensive - I've seen $20.00/lb at a few markets - but they are really worth trying. If you can contain yourself and not eat them on the trip home, husk cherries are an excellent substitute for traditional fruit and veggies in salsas, jams or garnishes for sweet or savory dishes.

(Thanks to Zach for being an impromptu hand model. You have a fall-back career...)