"Get your hands off my french fries."

It must be tiring being a conservative - always arguing and searching for a scapegoat. Oy!

First Lady Michelle Obama is not trying to dictate what's on the American table, nor is she trying to become the nation's healthy food czar.  Elitist liberal agenda? No, just common sense. She's pointing out the obvious: American food politics have long been dictated by the incestuous relationship between agribusiness and politicians. Archaic and nonsensical farm subsidies and the outcome of cheap food has perpetuated a cycle of which people have grown dependent, fat, unhealthy and poor, and where little to no attention or funding is given to sustainable, organic farming practices that are working hard to change the face of food. We most definitely wouldn't need such an overhaul in healthcare if we learned how and what to eat and stopped listening to defeatist, crazy-person arguments like Beck and other supposed "experts."

While conservatives are spewing conspiracy theories about Mrs. Obama, President Obama doesn't seem to be doing much to help food reform. Sure, they - I mean, Mrs. Obama - installed the White House garden and has toured the nation to promote healthy lifestyles for school-aged children. I, like many other people, voted for Mr. Obama. I was intrigued by this plan to reform American food politics. He's fallen short, however, and still remains a little too cozy with agribusiness in the form of high profile appointments within his administration. Sure, healthcare reform was a major step in his term as leader, but preventative measures - i.e. one's diet, food and food production - should not be ignored as key factors in our collective health.

And, Rachel - you're amazing. Thanks for bringing this to the mainstream!