Aldicarb to be banned, phased out, after decades of widespread poisoning

After 25 years of use, the extremely hazardous insecticide Aldicarb has been banned by the EPA and will be phased out of production by 2015 by its manufacturer, Bayer CropScience:
New EPA documents show that babies and children under 5 can ingest levels of the insecticide through food and drinking water that exceed limits that the agency considers safe. “Aldicarb no longer meets our rigorous food safety standards and may pose unacceptable dietary risks, especially to infants and young children,” the EPA said. At least 2,000 people fell ill from eating California watermelons illegally contaminated with aldicarb on the Fourth of July in 1985. “It is good the revocation is happening; it is a shame it took 20 years,” said Richard Jackson, chair of environmental health sciences at UCLA, who was a top state health official during the outbreak. 
Hmm. Better late than never, but I still have to wonder: After all those people fell ill, what were these "rigorous food safety" guidelines and how were these chemical or synthetic substances ever in compliance? I thought these standards were put in place to protect the consumer, not the chemical corporations. I guess that's my naivety...

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