What's for dinner...

It's weird to have such cool days and nights during August, but, I'll take it - it's the perfect excuse to turn on the oven and cook. So, to explain the picture, here's what I had* (sorry, I'm not a food stylist and it may look like slop, but it was still damn good)...
  • pan-marinated Bridge tofu over herbed rose gold potatoes with roasted garlic (left)
  • beet and cucumber ribbon salad with a basil pesto vinaigrette (top)
  • a quick steamed kale and tomato stew topped with caramelized onions and fresh herbs (front right)
An interesting combination of flavors on one plate, but it definitely all worked. I know I probably say it a lot, but there's seriously nothing better than homegrown food. 

What've you been cooking during this plentiful summer season? 

*If you're interested in a recipe, let me know!