Moosewood's "Cooking for Health" cookbook

Just when I thought I exhausted my collection of vegetarian and vegan cookbooks (how many recipes for vegetables do I need?), I went ahead and bought another one. Not just any cookbook, however - it's the famed Moosewood Restaurant's recent "Cooking for Health" compilation. Though I've only had it for only two weeks, and I've had to hold off on writing about it until I gave it as a birthday gift (happy birthday, Kate!), I'm deeming it the best cookbook I own.

Every recipe - more than 200 vegan and vegetarian dishes - sounds delicious. Of the one's I've tested, they've all come out great, especially the Curried Red Lentil Burgers and stovetop  Orange-glazed Tofu on Greens. What I like about the book:

  • all the recipes embrace local, good ingredients, yet are easily adaptable given the season and availability of things in your refrigerator and pantry
  • it's not fussy: all the recipes contain ingredients that you can get anywhere - hardly any expensive specialty items required
  • the recipes are familiar without being repetitive or expected; there's lots of new flavor combinations that showcase under-appreciated veggies, herbs and spices
  • there's thoughtful commentary on health, nutrition and ideals central to the success of the nearly 40-year-old Moosewood collective, without it being preachy or redundant
  • similar to other Moosewood publications, this book doesn't subscribe to diet trends, just a balanced, common sense view of eating based on natural, whole grain and real food
There's not enough meals, time or days of the week for me to make to all of the wonderful things in this book. But, if nothing else, the "Moosewood Restaurant Cooking for Health" cookbook will force eager home cooks like me to slow down, truly appreciate all that goes into a good meal and inspire others to love good food.