SWYF Find: Zephyr squash

I love vegetables, but zucchini and summer squash are kinda blah. To me, I'll eat them if they're already cooked in a dish or use them as a filler vegetable (which means a lot, now, because they produce so prolifically), but I won't seek them out. However, after a trip to the Coventry Farmers' Market and a stop at Wayne's Organic Garden stand this weekend, I finally set my indifference aside to make room for a new, delicious alternative: zephyr squash.

The yellow and vibrant green straightneck squash is packed with a nutty, more substantial, less watery flavor than regular zucchini. Upon further research beyond the taste test, I found out that zephyr squash is actually a hybrid yellow crookneck, a cross between Acorn and Delicata squashes - explains the flavor! 

If you are fortunate to see this squash at a market or farm stand near you, get some! It's totally worth a try.