SWYF Find: Little Rooster Cafe

Little Rooster Cafe (Manchester, VT): Vermont is perhaps the poster child/state for the good life - picturesque farmland, breathtaking views, endless outdoor experiences and a bounty of local food options. And the Little Rooster Cafe is no exception (yes, this was featured on "$40 a Day," but don't let that deter you). It's a cute restaurant in Manchester, VT that boasts an impressive list of simple and delicious options that utilize state-grown dairy, veggies and meat products in its breakfast, lunch and dinner fare. For lunch, I had an open-faced broccoli and mushroom sandwich over rye toast with a creamy, herbed lemon aioli. A gingery parsnip (I think) and carrot slaw and fresh, diced beets served as appropriate sides to the hearty sandwich. 

It is a small place, but the waitstaff is extremely helpful and attentive. Though, I wouldn't mind waiting in a homey place decked out with rooster accessories and egg-filled bird nests painted on the restaurant's wooden chairs.

Although the restaurant is situated in an extremely touristy part of the town, it serves as a small but much needed - and affordable - refuge to get away from the shoppers and the shopping. If you're driving along the scenic Rt. 7, try it out on your next trip.

**LITTLE ROOSTER CAFE: 46 Pleasant St., Manchester, VT 05250; (802.362.3496)