Something's very wrong here

NPR's "All Things Considered" and "Morning Edition" recently did a report on childhood hunger in America. Millions of children may look well-fed but are extremely undernourished, limited by their parents' income - or lack their of - and are faced with choosing processed foods over fruits and vegetables.

Sure, it may be easy to place blame on those individuals most affected by poverty for their circumstance. But, debating what leads people to this lifestyle is moot. We need more funding that will go toward nutritious options for low-income families as well as more community outreach initiatives such as cooperative garden and farm ventures, food pantries that use fresh, not nutritionally depleted canned goods and more accessible farmers' markets. It's sickening to think that people need to choose soda simply because it's affordable (and because powerful agribusiness lobbyists make it this way.) Let's see if their influence will be thwarted at all by the Obama administration's goal to end childhood hunger by 2015 and by a collective effort by us, the people, to make our food system affordable and equitable.