The Farmers' Market Cookbook by Vegetarian Times... quite terrific. Why? Instead of spending $20+ on a vegetarian cookbook, wary of certain recipes (are they vegan? do they have eggs or honey? etc.), this $7.99 issue is packed with amazing recipes (a multitude of smoothie combinations, chickpea croquettes, roasted beet salad, creamy walnut mushroom soup with thyme, sweet corn + heirloom tomato pizzas) that can be prepared exactly as listed or altered to fit your own tastes. Also, it's an good primer for you or your friends on farmers' market tips, the old organic vs. local debate and helpful tips on how to get the most out of your seasonal produce.

(I can't find a link to the special issue on the Vegetarian Times site, but here's a picture I took to help you look for it.)

Also, click this link to win $1,000 in amazing cookware and gadgets through VT.