Tea thyme

My friend Nicole told me about an excellent cold remedy: thyme tea.

Thyme is a favorite cooking herb of mine, so at first I wasn't convinced about drinking it. But, after more than a week of coughing, sneezing and general frustration with being sick, I made a cup of this tea. In a term: life-changing. Within fifteen minutes of sipping the tea, my sinuses cleared and I could breath! TMI? Sorry, but really, try it:
Thyme tisane
- Steep one teaspoon of dry thyme (I used creeping thyme, which is said to have the greatest medicinal benefits) or two teaspoons of fresh thyme in boiling water.
- Let steep for 10 minutes, and, add honey to taste (although optional, and, of course, agave or sugar can be substituted, honey also has soothing, demulcent properties)
There you go. That simple.