SWYF Find: Vermont Soy chocolate soymilk

Well, it's not completely local, but it's definitely regional, made in the U.S. and made with care. Until recently, I was about to give up on chocolate soymilk - they all just taste so chalky and like melted plastic. However, I found Vermont Soy chocolate soymilk a few months ago on a trip to New Morning. I just bought one today and remembered that (1) it's long overdue its praise and (2) it is the most delicious treat, and, unlike many other beverages, it actually comes in the appropriate serving size of 8 oz.

Vermont Soy is an excellent example of a small but successful food business. Located in Hardwick, VT, the company is certified organic - and not in the scary pastoral organic sense - is dedicated to supporting small, Vermont family farms that grow non-GMO soybeans.

Even if you're not dairy-free, Vermont Soy chocolate soymilk is totally worth a try.

(I'm on the lookout for the original soymilk as well as their handcrafted tofu; if you've had either one, what do you think?)