SWYF Find: The Artisan Food Store

While searching for a mother's day gift, I stumbled into the Artisan Food Store in Southbury, Conn. Run by Sally and Tom Camm, the Store features hand-crafted cheeses, fruit preserves, breads, honey, maple syrup, chocolates and other locally made food items and serving pieces. The space is a unique one, and I think it's still growing into it's own, but after the owner mentioned more tables would be added to become a cafe, I could begin to see its full potential. It's a really great and unexpected place to go to lunch, with a delicious looking menu of salads, sandwiches and other simple dishes using locally grown ingredients.

Although I had done much of my shopping before I arrived and I don't eat meat or cheese, my brother and I did buy a beautiful box of chocolates and these unbelievably tasty dairy-free honey cookies. 

If you aren't able to visit the Artisan Food Store, I encourage you to visit the store's Web site. I hope this becomes a popular, appreciated and alternative space for local food producers to sell their wares; you can get "gourmet" food anywhere, but local and regional specialties is truly special.