Findings in the local food world

So, I regrettably haven't blogged since last Monday - yikes - and there's so much to share! Here's some food briefs for you:

- Not cool: The NY Times reports how farmers are coping - or not - with Roundup-resistant weeds. Nice job, Monsanto.

- AlterNet reports that 1/3 of bee colonies have died this past winter. Bees, as you know, pollinate our global food supply and are an integral part to our livelihood. An excerpt:

Potential causes range from parasites, such as the bloodsucking varroa mite, to viral and bacterial infections, pesticides and poor nutrition stemming from intensive farming methods. The disappearance of so many colonies has also been dubbed "Mary Celeste syndrome" due to the absence of dead bees in many of the empty hives.
US scientists have found 121 different pesticides in samples of bees, wax and pollen, lending credence to the notion that pesticides are a key problem. "We believe that some subtle interactions between nutrition, pesticide exposure and other stressors are converging to kill colonies," said Jeffery Pettis, of the ARS's bee research laboratory.

- Do you have a favorite farmers' market? Check out this article from Cooking Up A Story about the USDA's 2010 National Farmers' Market Directory. Registration continues through May 14.

- Wholesome Wave CEO and award-winning chef Michel Nischan is all over the place! Huffington Post contributor Ellen Kanner profiles Nischan, his latest book "Sustainably Delicious," WW and its latest sponsorship venture, Roots in the City in Miami. Click here to read it.

AND to end on a positive note, I'll be conducting original interviews with local food advocates, farmers and other cool people - stay tuned! Any people, groups or projects you want me to look into, let me know!