A young Michael Pollan

Michelle Obama and C-SPAN held a film contest for school-aged children focused on the issue of childhood obesity in America. The winning documentary, "Childhood Obesity," was created by Honolulu, Hawaii middle school student Matthew Shimura. Take a look:

Forums like this allow students to speak to one another. Adults can lecture, but kids are the ones who can influence their parents' decisions (I was a major pain in the butt with my mom when she went to the grocery story; she still won't take me!). 

There's no reason why younger generations will live shorter lives than the previous one. We are all smart individuals and can create change (how Obama-esque of me). But, we also need to let our government know that our school lunch program protocols are out-of-date and are only reflecting the interests of big-ag. We need food package labels to be demystified, more truthful and to put more emphasis on fresh over processed. AND take the steps necessary to stop unjust farm policies that promote ridiculous surpluses of corn, soy and factory farmed meat.