Tomatoes everywhere!

Well, not everywhere, but in the same day I did find two items on tomatoes: the first on late blight and tomato care from NPR, and the second on greenhouse tomatoes.

First, it's great that it's predicted that the blight won't occur. It was seriously a bummer to not have tomatoes last summer, and I'm obviously eager for this year's crop:

As for the story in the NY Times, I think growing tomatoes in greenhouses is kind of cheating the seasons. Sure, I miss tomatoes during the winter, but I can do without. I'm not trying to prompt a holier-than-thou challenge, but can't Americans do that same during the colder months? Of course I want farmers to make a living, but aren't we tricking people into thinking that tomatoes grow all year while at the same time ignoring the sacredness of a homegrown, in-season tomato?

Eating seasonly and locally can be looked at as rigid and, perhaps, limiting. And, growing greenhouse tomatoes in Maine may be more environmentally friendly than importing from overseas, but there's something intrinsically, well, weird about eating tomatoes during the winter.