Tasty frozen discoveries: Basil-spinach pesto

April's a tough month and it's making me a little stir-crazy, food wise. I'm working back at Riverbank, sowing, transplanting and anticipating the greens. But, for now, if I can't make it to the farmers' market and I'm stuck with California greens, I can get a little cranky. On Saturday, however, I came across an excellent surprise in my freezer to follow a pretty excellent day: basil spinach pesto.

Working at a farm definitely has perks. The main one: Free food! My food processor was on fire during the basil and spinach seasons, perhaps in anticipation of this April-crankiness. So, here's a little dish that I made for the fam after thawing the pesto in some hot water. (When I cook, it's done to my taste level. This recipe is easily adaptable; note the very precise measurements...)

Caramelized onions and mushrooms over basil-spinach kamut pasta
- 1 box of macaroni-style kamut pasta (a way better and tasty substitute for whole wheat pasta - I used Eden's brand)
- 1-2 red or yellow onions (purple makes a pretty contrast in the dish)
- handful of mushrooms of your choice - diced
- 1-2 cloves of garlic depending upon the size 
- 1 Tbl. safflower/canola oil
- pinch of ground pepper and/or red pepper flakes
- 1 lemon - zested and juiced
- healthy dollop of basil-spinach pesto for the pasta
- 1 Tbl. of pesto for the dressing/marinade
- 2 Tbl. olive oil for the dressing/marinade 
(1) Fill a large pot 3/4-full with water. Bring to a boil, add a health pinch of sea salt and add your pasta. Prepare to package directions, or until the pasta floats if using fresh. Drain, put into a favorite bowl, add the lemon zest and dollop of pesto. Stir until the pasta is well-coated.
(2) While your pasta is boiling, prepare a saute pan over medium heat and add the oil. Saute your onions until translucent (3-5 minutes), then add the mushrooms and garlic (3-4 minutes). Don't let the garlic burn! Remove from heat.
(3) Whisk together the pepper, lemon zest, juice, Tbl. of pesto and olive oil. Pour over the bowl of pasta until it is all coated. 
This dish can be eaten warm or cold. I ate it cold, so simply your covered dish in your refrigerator until ready to serve. 

Sadly, we finished the pasta and I wasn't able to get any pictures. But, it was delicious! If you don't have pesto lying around, use this recipe when you make fresh pesto this upcoming summer.