SWYF Finds: The Organic Diva at StoneRidge Farm Honey + Maine Coast Sea Vegetables Kelp Krunch Bars

Welcome to my latest feature: Speak With Your Food Finds! The premise: I love making or harvesting my own food, but sometimes I just need a break. And since I'm a selective eater/vegetarian or just picky - no dairy, no fake stuff, little to no packaging and mostly local and truly sustainable grown - my options are pretty slim. BUT, this will be my chance to promote wonderful small businesses, farmers and delicious treats.

So, here goes...

The Organic Diva at StoneRidge Farm honey (Bethlehem, Conn.): Eating honey again has seriously opened the doors for me. I'm still learning different tastes and I'm pretty much a honey novice at this point, but I like what I like and this honey, well, I like - a lot! I bought The Organic Diva at StoneRidge Farm eggs and honey at New Morning, but haven't seen these products anywhere else. The label is really cute, but more important, the honey is delicious. There's no Web site or contact information to direct you to, but if you're in the Woodbury-Bethlehem area, go to New Morning and buy it there - you won't regret it.

Maine Coast Sea Vegetables Kelp Krunch Bars: Energy bars often leave much to be desired: the texture is often to gluey, they aren't as good for you thought after you investigate the empty wrapper and/or you're hungry within minutes of finishing one. And, well, straight seaweed sheets are not everyone's cup of tea. But, Kelp Krunch Bars is my solution. Produced by Maine Coast Sea Vegetables, they're 100% organic and made from non-GMO sesame seeds, kelp and brown rice syrup - no added salt. It's the perfect snack for many reasons: gluten-, nut-, dairy-, soy- and trans-fat-free - delicious and nutritious! I've only had the original sesame flavor, but the sesame ginger looks equally as good.