So green anxiety does exist...

How many of us have gotten a giant headache in the store when we must choose among the multitude of choices: local, organic, fair-trade, free-range, renewable, recycled, recyclable post-consumer, hybrid, plant-based, sustainable, etc. The ubiquitous greening campaigns are enough to cause anxiety for anyone, especially if you want live with the least impact to the environment. Sure, there's the obvious choice of not buying anything or supporting local businesses and growers - a no-brainer. But what happens when you face big decisions like the best car (like me) or cell phone to buy? Are the choices that simple?

Tom Ashbrook of "On Point" welcomed two guests to his show who deal with consumerism and ecological consciousness: Dara O'Rourke, professor of environmental and labor policy at UC Berkeley and founder of online comparison guide GoodGuide (check it out - pretty amazing), and Daniel Goleman, science journalist, psychologist and author of "Ecological Intelligence" (plan to read).

When you do need to buy something, it shouldn't give you a panic attack. So, listen to the show and hopefully these individuals can ease your anxieties