Red Bee honey: A pantry must

Oh man, have I missed honey! But, I'm so glad that the first one that I bought in several years was Red Bee's raw wildflower honey. Why? Because not only is the flavor unreal but it forced me to taste honey in its purest sense and appreciate it even more - a connection I never really had with agave nectar. It's exciting to rediscover such a versatile ingredient, especially when you can't get much better than honey from such thoughtful, passionate beekeepers.

Honey, just like any other sweetener, should be used sparingly. But, I've been obsessively cooking with honey in the name of experimenting and "research" and have tried these recipes in the past week. (Note: I apologize if this post sounds like a bad public radio "rice is nice" discussion, but bear with me):
  • I've been drinking the honey cleanser (spoonful of honey, lemon juice and hot water) suggested by Marina Marchese on Red Bee's official blog, and I totally notice a difference in the morning. I'd suggest it instead of tea or coffee, or at least as another option.
  • Grilled honey mustard tofu: The unseasonably warm weather of course prompted grilling. Tofu gets a bad rap for being bland, but mix a Tbl. of honey, good dijon mustard, Tbl. or two of lemon juice, ground black pepper and a pinch of sea salt into a marinade, coat your tofu (use the best you can find, like the Bridge) slices and throw (well, not throw, but place) on the grill. Cook for 15 minutes, flip over and cook for another 10, or until you get the desired grill marks and texture.
  • Everyone has their own recipe for granola, and, sure, I may have deprived myself of it for the past few years, but adding honey to muesli is so worth it.
And, please share your honey recipes - I need to catch up!

Also, I encourage you try Red Bee honey - you can buy their products online and find out more about the apiary.