A Brit shows us the ludicrously of french fries as vegetables

Jamie Oliver is causing quite the stir on his show (well, I guess anything would if Ryan Seacrest produces it and it's on a gimmicky network like ABC, but I digress). One of my favorite clips from the latest episode of "Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution" is the french-fry-as-a-suitable-vegetable argument:

This isn't so far off from when my parents asked the food buyers at my middle school several years ago why they were allowed to serve french fries as the veggie component to an already starch-laden pasta entree. To say my mom was horrified or less than thrilled with the "because they're vegetables" answer is an understatement. Fortunately, from what I have heard about my old school district, the meal and nutrition quality has improved in school lunches. However, as a nation, how long will it take for government-established nutritional guidelines (or those rules generally dictated by the big-ag industry) to catch up with the reality of the processed ingredients and actually have school lunch standards change on a mass scale?

(Jamie, you clearly won that round: a seven-veggie pasta dish contains more vegetables than a single serving of french fries. Some people in America are just really dense and can't compute simple math.)