Warming temperatures not too friendly to maple syrup tapping

Tonight was Earth Hour, an initiative by the World Wildlife Federation, that encouraged individuals to turn off their lights from 8:30-9:30. En masse, the goal of the action was to show a need for rigorous climate mitigation and legislation. If millions of dimmed homes and buildings didn't get the point across, maybe the way to the hearts - and brains - of legislators is through their stomachs.

I heard this sobering report on WNPR about how warming winter temperatures have created a poor season for maple syrup tappers, the worst, for some, in 25 years. Sure, we may not need more sugar as a nation, but for people who depend on sugaring for their livelihood, we need to focus on the greater environmental forces that contribute to this situation.

I'm not a fan of doomsday scenarios, but can you imagine a world without maple syrup?! I sure can't.