The Story of Bottled Water - in honor of World Water Day!

I still think it's odd that people drink bottled water. Sometimes I feel a bit judgement and elitist when I have those urges to condemn people for drinking water out of plastic bottles. But, I've been fortunate to have water from a spring-fed well, and all I really need is a Brita filter and reusable bottle - or regular glass. Yet, there's still no reason for people to be drinking bottled water; we have so much technology to make our water safer (or at least reverse the amount of chemicals/hormones in city water supplies to revert it to its original state).

Annie Leonard, of The Story of Stuff Project, is back again with "The Story of Bottled Water." Take a look:

Happy World Water Day!!! Click on the link to see what you can do to ensure cleaner water for people around the world.