Organic - passé?

Yet again Grist food editor Tom Philpott covers an excellent topic: What's next for major food companies after this whole "organic" kick?

Well, for people like you and me who believe in true organic, we're happy with it. But, as food companies notice that processed organics (contradiction, right?) remain stagnant or decline, there has to be a new organic for the food industry.

As sales of organic produce remain steady, perhaps this means we are just beginning to cross a threshold in the American food system. Maybe we're opting to buy from local sources, attend farmers' markets and/or grow our own food. Maybe we're not being green, "natural" or organic-washed into buying food that's pre-packaged or shrink-wrapped.

My other conclusion is a tinge pessimistic: What's the next big business for the food industry to buy into? Ok, back to optimism: Maybe they've been defeated...

Alright, I can dream, but check the article out for yourself  as well as Philpott's other work. He's a terrific writer as well as farmer and chef - guy after my own heart.