Monsanto's authority over seed industry to be tested by Justice Department

The Wall Street Journal's Scott Kilman reported yesterday that biotech giant Monsanto will be face antitrust investigations by the Justice Department on Friday, beginning a series of "workshops" to investigate the company's role in competition in the seed market.

My favorite comment from the article:
Monsanto declined to make Hugh Grant, its chairman and chief executive, available for comment, but issued a statement that "an objective review of the agricultural sector will reveal that competition is alive and flourishing." A Monsanto vice president is scheduled to speak Friday.
Well, it makes sense: When you own the market, of course it's thriving.

Farmers want security - regardless of upcoming deadlines on seed patents, farmers should have more options as to what to plant and who to buy from. It'll be interesting to hear what opponents of Monsanto as well as farmers and growers most susceptible to changes in seed access will say throughout these "workshops."

While these are seen as an "unprecedented series of public meetings" of "the antitrust wing," I'll hold my applause to see what really comes out of these investigations by the Justice Department.