Jamie Oliver pushes good food in the U.S.

Jamie Oliver, of Naked Chef fame, will be transforming the way Americans eat in his new show, "Jamie's Food Revolution." His first stop is Huntington, W.V., known as the unhealthiest city in the U.S., hoping to spark a chain reaction of insight and change the way people approach food. The show will premiere Friday, March 26 from 9-10EST on ABC.

There's no reason why children should suffer from obesity and acquire diabetes at such a young age and at an astounding rate. The life-spans of my generation and younger are expected to be shorter than those of our parents because we are eating ourselves to the grave. However, the food that children are eating is depleted of nutrients, full of empty calories and mysterious additives that are still legal - though harmful at large quantities - by our government.

Oliver has decided to take on the task and go the people directly. He has long been a proponent and activist of better, nutritious meals for school-aged children. Here's Oliver at the 2010 TED awards:

I respect and applaud Oliver for his challenging endeavor - Americans have thick waistlines and skulls, so telling them they need to change their consumption habits isn't the easiest feat.

Coupled with the initiatives of First Lady of Michelle Obama, Oliver can echo the sentiment that the youth of this country are acquiring totally preventable medical conditions and good food can be the medicine to good physical and mental health.

I support Jamie's food revolution. Do you?